Support / language:日本語
Categories:Education Requirements:iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later
Price:$1.99    Languages:Japanese, English

● About "Math Intersect 100"
"Math Intersect 100" is an application to calculate the numbers of horizontal axis and vertical axis at where they cross, selecting from addition, subtraction, or multiplication.
You can select 4 types of stages, which the number of problems are "10", "20", "50" and "100".
"10" is for short time play. "100" is for long time play.
This appli is compatible with sideway view as well, so you can play this game as you prefer.
Target age is from elementary school child to adult.

Addition is especially easy to play for young children (first graders can play).
Also, other than calculations, there are many attractions included.
For example, when you touch flying characters, various actions occur.

In addition, if you keep playing 100 questions, an advanced mode may ...

You can upload your new record of 100 questions to Web.
You can check your rank by comparing it with everyone's record.

Let's Challenge!!